How to Create an OpenEdge Database with Type II Storage Areas

Update your database structure file and change
d "xxx Area":38,32;1 /path/to/db/DBName_x f 2097152

d "xxx Area":38,32;64 /path/to/db/DBName_x f 2097152

Change the value after semicolon from 1 to 8, 64 or 512 will create a Type II data area.

The number after colon is area number. Please take note, 'blcksPerCluster' can only set to area 7 through 32,000.


Number of database blocks in each cluster.
Valid values are: 1, 8, 64, or 512.


  • If you leave this value blank, or specify 1, the data area will be Type I.
  • All other values are valid for Type II data areas only.
  • This token only applies to areas 7 through 32,000.